How To Keep Your Old Magazine Collections Safe

People keep old magazines for a ton of reasons. Whether you’re part of a magazine collection agency or you’ve got an awesome collection of old vintage mags, it’s important to save and preserve your collection properly so they don’t end up being damaged later down the track…

Simply putting old magazines in a box for storage is not good enough these days. Moisture, dust, insects and rats can ruin the magazines – which you’ll regret later on. The best way to keep your magazines in the best condition is to store them with the tips provided below!


The Store-folio is a wonderful technique to preserve your publication collection risk-free. The Stor-folio is a hang back portfolio box that can hold up to 20 loosened publications.

The Store-Folio stores completely on a shelf, in magazine boxes, racks, or possibly on the display screen, as there is a variant consisting of a crystal clear pocket on both the spine as well as front cover where you can showcase among your favourite magazines or the cover artwork.

The elegance of a protected closure system that’s easy to open up, nonetheless, remains safe, along with will absolutely not accidentally unfasten. Exactly how great?

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You can store and also maintain old pictures so they will certainly last for generations ahead. This suggests more than positioning them in a picture cd, as some types can harm the pictures. You will need the appropriate supplies as well as products so you can obtain them into the most effective storage space systems or present them properly. Many specialists recommend handling old pictures as low as feasible, making it even more crucial to do it right the first time.

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Maintenance is very important for storing and keeping old books. It is very important for keeping the quality of the photos and making sure that they don’t get any damage such as mould. You can check the Mould Removal Expert for more details on how to store your magazines at home. 

To store photographs separately, place them in plastic sleeves void of PVC. These can be purchased at photo supply stores and also some craft stores. Plastic sandwich bags are a good, cost-effective choice to plastic sleeves if special supplies do not fit into your budget plan.


Magazine boxes are fantastic for maintaining your publications in a setting that will protect them from extreme UV rays, as well as dust, dust, and also numerous other unsafe elements, while still having them comfortably accessible to you.

Magazine boxes are simple to construct, as well as can be firmly stacked in a number of methods to make sure that they fit in whatever type of location you have readily available. Most consist of deals with additionally, which makes moving them basically. Available in cardboard or plastic. See to it the cardboard made use of is always acid-free.

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With these tips, you make sure to have your publication and any kind of media that you have gathered managed for a lifetime!

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