Best Wedding Musicians In Melbourne


The wedding reception is nearly as essential as the ceremony, and music is a fundamental aspect of the gathering. In case you’re searching for an excellent wedding DJ in Melbourne, you’ve gone to the correct spot. We’ve assembled an extreme rundown of the main choices for wedding DJ and music services in Melbourne! 

So, before looking at a list of wedding bands, you can check the list below:

wedding musician


Haybax are an acoustic duo, with a fun, loose, peppy vibe! 

A duo with a difference, Haybax highlights Lachlan Hay on Cajon (wooden box!) and back-up vocals while Canadian Jason Baclig plays the guitar and sings lead. The outcome is an astonishing sound that will satisfy visitors without fail! 

From delicate chilled numbers to rocking out some enormous melodies, these folks are the ideal match-up. 

Undercover Entertainers – Singing Waiters 

Undercover Entertainers give a definitive shock on your extraordinary day. Watch visitors get the stun of their lives when their server unexpectedly starts singing! 

They go undercover (as servers, culinary experts, MC’s and even restaurant managers!) on the day, becoming more acquainted with and blending with your visitors until everything looks good, before launching into melody to give them the greatest astonishment of their lives. 

They energetically connect with and include every one of your visitors during their funny comedy routine, putting the focus on the wedding party, Groom, or even the Father of the Groom or Bride! 

They will cater your extraordinary day, glad to advise you at what stage regarding your wedding gathering you might want their performers to shock your visitors. Their gifted artists are hand-picked and they guarantee that they will overwhelm you with their dazzling vocal abilities and wonderful performance! 

If you want an important and remarkable day, at that point, they should connect with you and design the surprise together! 

Yo Mama Music 

Book with Yo Mama Music now to get your gathering rocking!!! With over 19 years of involvement, proficient DJ’s and quality gear. You won’t be disappointed!! 

DJ Masters 

More than 2,500 couples have picked DJ Masters to mirror their festival of affection through the intensity of the music.

That’s right, they’re Australia’s Premier Wedding DJ and MC Service. They’ve been grinding away for a very long time, and they love what they do. 

A dynamic, experienced group of skilled Wedding DJ/MC experts is at your service, all through the entire journey: 

  • You control the music (or you can leave it to them) 
  • See recordings and hear samples of their work 
  • MC Services at no extra expense 
  • Meet personally with your DJ (discretionary) 
  • 24h contact, group of backup DJs/MCs, full support, significant peace of mind

Music can, without much of a stretch, represent the moment of truth in an ideal moment, they’ve all observed this previously. Your wedding is a universe of significant, never-ending moments all wrapped up together in one day. They believe their part in your celebration to be significant, important, and demanding of the respect it merits. The entire atmosphere of your celebration is affected immensely by the melodic design; they still do what they do following 14 years since they deem this work important and significant. 

They esteem the trust set in them and the fellowships that have originated from more than 2,500 couples they’ve serviced since they started in Melbourne in 2006, before getting the magic interstate in 2018. 

Anticipate professionalism, anticipate mindfulness, anticipate exhaustive and prompt correspondence. Most of all, beyond whatever else, anticipate that DJ Masters should make an atmosphere where the entirety of your loved ones can feel comfortable to let go, to have a boogie, to feel their own bliss as they share with you the creation of significant memories during the most celebrative hours of the entire day. 

At last, they’re here to empower you to guarantee your wedding truly gets down to the specialty of celebration – and – for you to speak with music precisely what you need to say at your unique festival of love. 

I trust that this rundown assists you with finding the best performers for your big day.

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