Shepparton: Activities And Places To Visit


This inland city on the Goulburn River has an excess of beneficial things, for example, fresh produce, wine, water, and a warm climate. 

Farming has consistently been in Shepparton’s veins, made conceivable by a tremendous irrigation system, and the wider Goulburn Valley is bedded with grape plantations and wineries anticipating your company.

After visiting the restaurants in Shepparton, you can also do the following activities: 


Shepparton Art Museum 

The museum has an exhibition program that draws from local, curated, and visiting exhibitions, but its genuine focus is Australian ceramics for which it has a perpetual showcase. Additionally on perpetual showcase is the museum’s collection of Australian paintings and works on paper. 

Furphy Museum 

Situated at Emerald Bank Leisure Land, 7717 Goulburn Valley Highway, the Furphy Museum investigates 150 years of the popular Furphy blacksmith and wheelwright business with displays identifying with the celebrated Furphy Water Carts, the Circular Quay Furphy Fencing, the Furphy patented harvested, early farm tools and a smithy’s shop. John Furphy, a blacksmith and wheelwright, arrived in Shepparton in 1873 and by 1878 had set up a foundry. By 1880 he was fabricating water carts which turned out to be massively famous around the nation. Such was their prevalence that when war broke out in 1914, they were ordered in enormous numbers by the Australian Army and were utilized in camps where the nearby water supply was questionable. It is said that the word ‘furphy’, which means rumor or tall tale, appeared because troopers used to gather around the water supply and it was there that gossipy tidbits were shared and spread. 

John Furphy was joined in Shepparton by his more popular sibling Joseph. Joseph had been a farmer in the Riverina but had been bankrupted by a dry season. He worked with his sibling for a very long time and it was during this time that he composed the incomparable Australian novel, Such is Life. The tale was distributed under the alias ‘Tom Collins’. The Museum is open on weekdays from 10.00 am – 4.30 pm. 

Take A Hike

There are a lot of opportunities for hiking in Shepparton and the encompassing locale. Investigate the area on paths and routes which lead you through picturesque bush landscapes, thick forests, and riverside environments. Maybe the most ideal alternative for a short climb in Shepparton is the Dookie Rail Trail. The Dookie Rail Trail is a genuinely short, scenic choice for cyclists and walkers. Serene perspectives of rolling hills and Australian cropping landscapes can be seen all around. The best views can be found on the Mulana Nin Iyoga Walking Trail. Head up the slopes of Mount Major and catch a brief look at the magnificent ranges. 

Shepparton Motor Museum 

This purpose-built museum houses scores of vehicles, assembled from the Goulburn Valley, across Australia, and globally as well. 

The collection, including legacy vehicles, bikes, pedal vehicles, farm gear, and bikes, is enormous enough that it should be rotated at regular intervals. 

There are standard themed shows for anything from BMXs to muscle vehicles, accompanied by huge loads of memorabilia. 

All the displays will be accompanied by engrossing informative plaques, while the car park outside hosts markets and vehicle parades consistently throughout the year. 

Chocolate Apple Factory 

At the Valley Fruit Products orchards around 10kms east of Shepparton, the fruits are changed into a scope of stunning items. As well as their unique item, fresh apples covered in caramel, and finished off with chocolate, guests will be treated to receive fruit liqueurs, fruit wine, regular natural fruit juices, and other gourmet fruit items. 

Shepparton offers a lot of activities and is encircled by luscious natural scenes. This enchanting spot offers all that you could need from an end of the week escape in a local town.

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