What Type Of Machine And Tools Are Used In The Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Metal Working Tools List

Working with metal is a craft of its own. Just like any other handyman craft, metalworking includes having the appropriate tools.


A metal bandsaw is a saw with a sharp blade with a stretch of sharp teeth between 2 or more wheels. An excellent metalworking bandsaw is outright essential for anybody to have that deals with metal with any frequency.

Pass Away Mill

A die grinder is a rotary tool utilized for numerous functions such as grinding, sawing, sharpening and polishing. They can also be utilized for machining.

Wire cutters. Every handyman ought to own a trustworthy pair of wire cutters for snipping torn ends.

Angle Finders

Most quality angle finders are made of stainless-steel or top-quality aluminium, and the majority of sheet metal producers use these regularly, so spending lavishly on an excellent set is often suggested.

Cutting glasses. In this service, security precedes. Considering that sheet metal fabrication jobs are usually large-scale, they can position a greater threat for mishaps.

An auto-darkening helmet. These helmets can vary anywhere between $200 to $400, depending upon the maker. Still, every sheet metal fabricator needs to purchase a trustworthy auto-darkening helmet for the occasional project that requires a lot of welding.

Trammel Points 

It is used when there is a need for scribing/drawing large arcs or circles. Where the divider spoils, there the Trammel Points enter play.

Grooving Stake: It is a tool used for developing grooves of different sizes in sheet metal sheets.


Submit is likewise a kind of cutting tool which is used to eliminate extra material by abrasion.

Flange And Punch Tool

This punching tool profiles the various types of metal sheets and creates holes around the edges of the product.

Shrinker And Stretcher

This is a metal forming tool that works as both a shrinker and stretcher. This tool is mostly used to form curves on sheet metal.

Cleco Fasteners

Cleco fasteners are momentary fasteners that hold sheets of product or other parts like frames or supports together prior to they are completely joined.

Planishing hammers are used to form planishing curves in any sheet metal. WFPL2 planishing hammers is one of the duly built sheet metal fabrication devices used by us. 

Our planishing hammers are used in lots of industries such as a vehicle, aircraft repair, creative applications, and numerous others. Hole Drilling/Cutting: Hole cutters are utilized to produce accurate holes on metal alloys or a strong substrate. Our range of cutting tools helps avoid product waste throughout fabrication. Likewise, our action drill devices help produce numerous size holes. WWF provides hole cutters and step drills fabricated from high-quality speed 


Punch And Flange Tools

Punch tools assist make tidy and quick holes in sheet metal or fix a sheet metal. This makes our punch and flange tools best matched to develop sheet metal overlap weld joint in a brief turnaround time.

Broaching Devices

There are mostly two types of bringing up processes– rotary and direct. These devices are used with the goal of using a toothed tool or bring up to get rid of the material from the workpiece.

Saw Machines

The saw devices are utilized to cut a piece of metal into 2. It includes a blade that is either rotating or reciprocating to make it. There are typically 3 kinds of saw machines including the hacksaw, circular saw and band saw.

Planer Machines 

These makers are very similar to the shaper makers, with the only difference being that in these devices the cutting tool is stationary and the workpiece is made to rotate in a direct motion. Another distinction is that these makers are larger than the shaper machines.              

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