What Does My Page Boy Do? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

He is the little male in your life and he understands he has a really essential job on your big day, however just what is it? Apart from looking extremely charming, what jobs can your Page Young boy do to help you out as you walk down the aisle?

Back then, Page Boys would have brought your train down the aisle however as that has actually shifted to Flower Girls or just owning it yourself, other tasks for the young boys have actually been made.

How To Dress Your Page Voy?

Get carried away as much as you like with making your page boy look as dapper as possible! A young boy generally matches the groom and the ushers in a tux, waistcoat, tie or if you can’t withstand … a small bow tie! To understand more on how to dress a page kid, click and find more info here.

The Function Of A Page Boy

Page young boys play a very essential role in weddings: keeping hold of and bringing important rings down the aisle can put rather a lot of pressure on their little shoulders! Simply envision must those rings get lost or swallowed! Hey, stranger things have occurred and boys of a particular age put absolutely whatever into their small gobs!

If you’re afraid of the page boy losing your precious metals, you could swap the real rings with duds or cheap replicas and let the page kid lug these down the aisle instead. Keep the actual wedding event bands safe by entrusting your chief bridesmaid or best man with them rather.

Here Are The Tasks You Can Assign To Your Page Boy:

The Wedding Ceremony.

  • The ring-bearer strolls in front of or beside the flower woman at the ceremony.
  • With real rings, the ring-bearer brings the pillow to the Housemaid of Honour and Best Man who gets rid of the rings.
  • The train-bearers follow the bride-to-be and bring the bridal train.
  • The ring and train bearers stand near the groomsmen or sit with their families.
  • Are photographed as part of the wedding event celebration.

Ring Bearer

An extremely essential job for the little males. With Page Boys being normally between the ages of 2-11, this may send out a wave of terror though you. Rings are a lot of obligation for little hands so this is a great job for the boys on the older ages on the scale. 

If you only have younger ones, possibly send him up with an empty box on a pillow for the Best Male to receive who will have the rings (ideally) safely in his pocket.

Carrying The Bride To Be’s Train

This particular function is the most traditional duty of the page young boy, although, depending on the design of the bride-to-be’s dress, she may not have a train long enough to validate the page kid holding it up. 

Trains are not always easy to handle, so although some page boys can be as young as 3 years old, it’s a good idea to let an older page young boy of around seven to ten years old perform this crucial function.

Accompanying The Flower Girls

What could be more adorable than a flower woman and page kid strolling hand in hand down the aisle together? The cute aspect aside, it can be reassuring for young kids to accompany each other side by side, rather than dealing with the long walk alone. 

Pairing a page kid up with a slightly older flower lady, or vice versa will suggest that the older child will feel a sense of significance in their role as guardian, and the younger child will be less likely to stray course or forget what they’re expected to be doing.

At The Reception.

  • The boys usually sit with their households not at the bridal table.
  • They have numerous dances with the flower women.

Do the Flower Woman( s) And Page Young Boy( s) Get Offered Gifts By The Groom And Bride?

One hidden cost of preparing a wedding event is the additional cash that needs to be found to purchase presents for everyone in the wedding event party. This includes moms and dads, bridesmaids, the very best guy and, not forgetting, of course, the flower woman and page kid who have their own function in the day. 

What do you purchase a kid to show them your thankfulness and how much should you spend? If your flower woman and/or page young boy are your own kids, then you’ll know full well what they have actually got and what they have not, and may for that reason remain in a position of power– able to bribe them into performing their duties without a hassle in return for a toy they have actually have their eye on!

Other Bridebook tips:

Keep in mind that younger boys are more likely to toss a tantrum during the wedding ceremony or, even worse might entirely decline to participate. To prevent either scenario, you might want to have a somewhat older page young boy OR not have one at all, keep in mind that page young boys are by no means an absolute shoulder for a wedding.

If your little man does throw a shaky day, then bribing him with sugary foods, toys or other unique deals is certainly an option to consider (shhh, we didn’t inform you of that).

Finally, to make your page kid feel much more unique or to give him a bit of support, consider buying him a little Thank You present.

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