About OH! Magazine

If you have an interest in health, nutrition, fitness and wellness, then this is the online publication for you. Of course, there are lots of health magazines out there; so what makes OH! Magazine different from all the others?


  • Our authors are all leading experts in their field (think: Dr Joanna McMillan, Michelle Bridges, Pete Evans, Paul Taylor, Justin Tamsett, Paul Brown, Anna-Louise Bouvier, Fiona Cosgrove, and more!).
  • The topics we write about are timely and relevant.
  • It’s delivered in a unique, eye-catching and enjoyable multimedia format.
  • YOU – the readers – can dictate the content of future issues.
  • It’s accessible, thanks to your local health club or fitness facility membership.
  • It’s FREE!


That’s right, OH! Magazine is available every month, via your local gym, personal training studio, aquatic centre or other health and fitness facility. If your favourite health club doesn’t have OH! Magazine, then make sure you send them to this website, and tell them to get it for you!


Or, if you are not a member of a gym or health club, you can directly receive notifications when a new issue is available, simply by subscribing. You can also click here to read the current issue.


Gyms, studios and other health and fitness facilities can find out more about  OH! Magazine and how it can be used to boost retention levels by clicking here. Or to find out full details about customising and rebranding the publication to create a unique member magazine, click here.


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