OH! Magazine has been designed specifically to enable gyms and fitness businesses to rebrand the magazine, so it appears to your clients and members as your own in-house publication. Read some FAQs about OH! Magazine and how your business can use it, or to view an example of a customised version of OH! Magazine click any of the links below:



Ballarat Body & Soul:


South Pacific Health Clubs:

To help ensure optimum readership, included as part of your customisation package, you will receive:


  • – Unique URL for each new edition
  • – A4-sized sample poster that you can display in-club, to promote the latest issue (e.g., place them on the back of bathroom doors)
  • – Unique QR Code that you can use to promote the magazine (e.g., place it on your cardio machines so members can access the mag while they pedal)
  • – High and low resolutions versions of the front cover
  • – Pre-written social media posts about the content of the magazine, which you can use on your platforms to help encourage readership
  • – Hints and tips to help you use your magazine to generate more income by retaining more members, boosting your secondary spend and converting more sales (for example).



There is a customisation option available to suit your club’s size and budget. To find out more contact