Frequently Asked Questions (by health clubs)

Look, the truth is, if you are wondering it, then chances are so too is someone else. So here are some of the most frequently asked questions about OH! Magazine (as pondered by health clubs and fitness facilities):


Q. So exactly how do I use this magazine as a member retention/acquisition tool?

A. Once you have subscribed your facility to receive OH! Magazine, then every month (around the 1st weekday of the month) you’ll receive an email that contains a package of assets and information to help you distribute and promote the newest version of the magazine. This package contains:


  • – URL to access the new edition
  • – High and low resolution images of the front cover
  • – QR codes to access the new issue
  • – HTML code to embed your magazine into a web page or email message
  • – Sample poster to help promote the magazine in the club
  • – Written description of the magazine’s content
  • – Social media posts that you can use to promote the page


All you need to do then, is draft up an email to your current and/or expired or potential member database using these assets and hit SEND! Voila! You have just distributed your very own member magazine – no production, no stress, no hassles! Repeat this process every month and watch your membership database grow!


Q. How is this magazine provided for free?

A. Every issue contains a few advertising pages. Essentially, it is these brands who offset the costs to produce the magazine. So, wherever possible, we encourage you to please try and support the brands you see advertised in the magazine, because it’s kind of their fault that you have a free magazine to give to your members.


Q. When customising, do I have to book more than one issue at a time?

A. Absolutely not. You can customise 1, 2 or 12 issues at anytime you like. From the point at which you submit the booking form and payment for your customisation, it will take approximately 7 to 10 business days for you to have your customised version available online. NOTE: The earliest you will receive your customised version of the magazine is the 1st of any month.


Q. Can I see what a customised version looks like?

A. Of course. Check these examples out:

FitnFast Magazine (in this issue, we even used a new cover image, as the one on the standard version didn’t work with the words ‘fit’ or ‘fast’) Magazine


Q. If I want to book a continued customisation can you arrange an ongoing direct debit payment?

A. Absolutely we can. Ask us how today. Go on, we dare you!


Q. How do I get printed copies?

A. You can email us for a quote to print and deliver copies to your club. We’ll be honest; it’s not cheap. But it is possible. If you’re into it, then by all means just send us your query and we’ll shoot a quotation back atcha!


Q. Is there a webinar explaining OH! Magazine, which I could watch?

A. Why as a matter of fact there is. Thanks to Active Management, here’s one we prepared earlier – enjoy!


If you have more questions that have not yet been answered, please drop a line and we’ll sort it out for you.